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About us

The Pandemic hit hard.  Like a hammer. A big ugly hammer.  Hospitality and our newest venture ground to a halt.  We had just taken a culture grown over 20 years in the industry and began to lay the seeds at The Anchor Inn, Salterforth just as lockdowns began.  It was tough, as it was for everyone.  Together our teams shuttled over 2500 meals to the frontline NHS and supported wherever we could through what was the most challenging time in recent history.  Amongst the chaos came The White Bull, Gisburn.  Steeped in history and set in the magnificent Ribble Valley we had to take the opportunity of expanding our team and culture.  We’ve been so happy we did!


We truly believe that the pandemic did not destroy hospitality.  Hospitality needed to change, as it had done previously from the demise of the Romans to each world war.  The pandemic, in our view, was the meteorite that sped up the evolution of this industry we love so much.  It’s lit the fires of change in terms of mental wellness, work-life balance, buying local, care in the community and ofcourse our natural enviroment.  We decided before this happened to be something truly different and now we have the opportunity to make great memories and defining moments for people that have missed out for so long, been unconnected for such a long time and for teams of people wanting to be excited about what they do and have even more of a reason to get out of bed.

We’re doing this because we are obsessed with defining moments and making it special.   We can’t wait to welcome you here!

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